Islamgarh Welfare Trsust (NGO), established in 1992, is a registered charity in Azad Jammu & Kashmir Counil (Registration No 90). Islamgarh Welfare Turst was registered on 28th April 1994 and it is a leading welfare organisation in AJK Serving humanity. To help this welfare project, people of islamgarh have also registerd a charity in UK with the name of "British Friends of islamgarh Welfare Trust". The registration number with British Charity comission is 1117121.

Its progress and work loudly speaks about its services to the area.

By the grace of Almighty Allah and your generous contribution Islamgarh Welfare Trust has successfully completed the new building. To amke the full use of the new community hospital building we need more contribuition and your continuouse cooperation to make hospital state of the art facility for those who deserve the most.

Please help us in purchasing the new equipment and machinery for this new building. Feel free to step up if you want to donate any of the hospital equipment to islamgarh Welfare Trust for isaal-esawaab of your loved ones.