Islamgarh Welfare Trust has progressed very well in last few years and currently employing 32 staff members to provide different services round the clock through out the year.

Detail of staff members working in different teams are below. These staff members are working along side with 28 members Administrative Council and 8 member Executive Board, all working as volunteers. There are also 30+ volunteers working in UK including British Friends of islamgarh Welfare Trust Team.

Breakdown of staff members
 Job Role  Total No.  Job Role  Total No.
 Gynaecologist   1 LHV  2
 Eye Specialist   1  Medical Store Staff  3
 Doctors (Medical Officer)   3  Admin Staff  2
 Lab Technician   2  Receptionist  2
 Eye OTA   3  Cleaners  3
 Nursing Staff   5  Cook  1
 Mid Wife   1  Drivers  3
                                         Total Staff  =  32


Lady doctor is available for 8 hours during the day all week (Except Sunday) and after working hours she is available on call.