Islamgarh Welfare Trust has introduced Free Health Service Card System for the poor families.This facility has been around since the start of the Islamgarh Welfare Trust in 1992. Free Health Service Card holder is entitle to free medicines and half of the Doctors fees.

Here are some of the important questions answered regarding Free Health Card Service .

  • What is the total number of cards issued to poor families?
    There are more then 215 cards issued to different poor and deserving families across Islamgarh.These cards are periodically checked and membership renewed every year.
  • What are the total numbers of family members covered under this card service?
    There are 1195 family members currently benefiting from Free Health Card Service.

  • How can i apply for the Free Health Service Card ?
    You need to fill in the application form (available to download below) and get it attested with required documents listed on the application form. Terms and conditions are written on the application form

  • What is the amount spent on free medicines through Free Health Service Card so far?
    R.s 26,0000 (26 Lakh) have been spent on providing free medicines during Jannuary 2019 till December 2019